Web Design Tools


1. Can I still negotiate with the prices?

Yes, but only a little. My prices are already very low and you get many freebies including the domain name & web hosting (for business and premium package), which costs about P2,500/year. I would be glad to give you a small discount on my prices but that would mean I would exclude some of the extra services I added in my packages, such as Search Engine Optimization.

2. What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a way of making your website rank higher in Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing among many others. In my 5 years experience as a Web Designer, Programmer & Search Engine Optimizer, I can say that about 80% of the traffic that goes to your website comes from Search Engines. The main goal of the SE Optimizer is to get his clients’ website on Top 1 in Search Engine Result Pages or SERPs but this would take time.

3. So, if we pay the right amount, do we rank high in Search Engines?

It depends on the keyword. When availing a website package (Basic, Business or Premium), Search Engine Optimization is only done once. I do both “On-page or Onsite Optimization” and “Off-page or Offsite Optimization”.

4. What are On-page and Off-page Optimization?

In a nutshell, on-page optimization is how you write your HTML code correctly. Things to consider in on-page optimization includes HTML tags such as Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords, Meta Robots, Alternate Text for Images, Headings, etc. You also need to consider the right amount of content in your web pages, the canonical URLs, sitemaps, internal and external links and a lot more.

Off-page optimization is how you promote your site all over the web. The basic thing to do here is submit your website to hundreds of search engines and web directories. If you avail my SEO services (contact me for costing), I will include the other techniques in off-page optimization such as social bookmarking, article submission, RSS submission, pinging of website, link exchange, link partnership, blog commenting, etc.

5. Since you’ve already “SEO” my website when I availed the package, does this mean I will be on Top 1 in SERPs?

This depends on the keyword of your website. Based on experience, Search Engines indexes most of the websites I made, in just a couple of days but initial rankings are low. In a few months to several months, some of them are already visible in the first page of SERPs but this depends on how competitive your keywords are. If you really want faster results, contact me and we will discuss about the pricing of the SEO service.

6. Is it necessary to avail your SEO service for our website to have more visitors?

No. You can try social bookmarking by yourself. If you have a Facebook and Twitter account, you can simply add a link to your status so all your friends will know about your website. You can also encourage your relatives and friends to share your website’s URL to their friends. Email marketing, Tarpaulins, Flyers and Stickers are also effective ways to promote your website. I am simply offering my SEO services to those who want a “hassle-free” way to bring targeted visitors to their websites through my own ways of Internet Marketing.

7. If I have changes on my website after the free technical support period, how much do I pay?

For those who availed a “Dynamic Website” (Premium Package) they no longer need to contact me to change some of the content of their website because they have a “Content Management System” that can help them add and edit pages anytime. They also have a free training on how to use the CMS. Unless they want changes in the core design of their website, there is nothing to worry about.

For those who availed a “Static Website” (Basic Package & Business Package), there will be an affordable fee for any changes made in the website. If the changes are minimal, I can help you with it free of charge. If it requires a lot of time, I will be asking for a small payment from you.

8. Does the “free domain” in your packages include country specific top-level domains TLDs, such as .com.ph .tv .us, etc?

The free domain is only applicable for .com, .net, .org & .info TLDs or any domain as long as it is below P500 or $10.

9. Do you suggest we buy our own hosting accounts even though your packages include free hosting?

Yes. The reason for this is that I only host or place your files on my own shared hosting account. The only reason I included it in my packages is that I want to help a newbie get his own website without spending too much. I cannot guarantee the reliability or uptime/downtime of the servers. If you really want a faster server with 99.99% uptime that can hold huge amount of files, then buy your own hosting account. Please note that the prices of my packages will still remain the same.

10. What are the payment terms?

A 50% downpayment is required to start the project. The other half will be collected after the website is completed.

11. What are the different ways to pay you?

For clients outside the Philippines, you can send the payment through Western Union, Paypal (markmaranga(at)gmail(dot)com) or Bank Transfer (BDO, Unionbank or BPI). For clients in the Philippines, we can meet-up in Cebu City (or nearby areas) or Bank Transfer (BDO, Unionbank or BPI). If you pay using Paypal, I will charge an additional 5% to cover for the low exchange rates and other fees. If you have an easier way to send your payments, please contact me so we can discuss.